Lakeland Board of School Trustees


Brett Bateman

District 1


Kara Howard

District 2


Derrick Sherck

District 3
Vice President


Sue Keenan

District 4


Rob West

District 4


Jessica Holbrook

District 5

* Refer to the district key at the bottom of the page

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Lakeland School Corporation will educate and prepare ALL students for career and life success.

Our Vision

Lakeland School Corporation will be a “destination corporation” for students, staff, and other educational entities!

  • Students

    • Lakeland will provide a safe supportive environment for students to grow in.

    • Lakeland will provide opportunities and collaborations that encourage connection to our school and community.

  • Staff

    • Lakeland will provide an environment that encourages growth by furnishing the opportunities and tools to successfully educate our students.

    • Lakeland will be a place people want to work!

  • Other educational entities

    • Lakeland will be anchored in best practices.

    • Lakeland will be a place that other schools want to emulate; programs and methods that are ahead of the curve!

Our Mission

Educating and preparing ALL students for career and life success!

Our Beliefs

We believe that all people are important and should give input into the path we take.  Our environment will be safe and supportive to all with a focus on future success.


  • All Lakeland students will meet the standards set by the State of Indiana while pursuing personal goals and developing skills for responsible citizenship.

  • All Lakeland students will demonstrate the following competencies: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; Initiative and Self-Direction; Communication; Collaboration; Personal Responsibility; and Metacognition/Learning How to Learn.

Parameters / Non-negotiables

  • We will engage in work that directly supports our K-12 education and the mission and vision that drive it.

  • We will stay true to our educational philosophy and practice and will not allow them to be compromised by external factors or forces.

  • We will always expect the best of everyone.

  • We will always honor the dignity of each person.

  • We will responsibly administer all resources of the district.


  • We will foster the personal, academic, and career achievement of all students.

  • We will provide a competent, caring staff capable of meeting our mission and objectives.

  • We will work as a collaborative community to develop the character and personal attributes necessary in each student to realize their personal goals and potential.

  • We will provide a motivating, supportive, and safe learning environment for all students.

  • We will establish and maintain effective internal and external communication with stakeholders.

  • We will develop and maintain strong partnerships with businesses and community members to enhance collaboration and maximize use of community support.

  • We will enhance and align facilities to fulfill the mission of Lakeland School Corporation.

  • We will create and maintain an exemplary image of Lakeland School Corporation both internally and externally.


  • Students will develop a career focus and personal goals to provide motivation and direction for learning experiences.

  • Students will be able to think critically and creatively to solve authentic, real world problems.

  • Students will be able to read, discuss, and respond with deep comprehension and the ability to reach informed opinions and learning.

  • Students will be able to communicate effectively in verbal and written form.

  • Students will be able to use mathematics to solve problems and analyze information.

  • Students will develop a foundation and respect for education in establishing a mindset that learning is a continuous process throughout life.

  • Students will learn to respect the beliefs and traditions of others and to be honest with themselves and others.

  • Students will learn to understand and appreciate the rights and responsibilities that come with being a member of the community, State of Indiana, the United States, and the world.

  • Students will learn how to manage their emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and environmental health successfully.

* District Representation Key: 

  • District 1: All of Greenfield Township

  • District 2: All of Lima Township

  • District 3: All of Bloomfield Township laying outside the corporate limits of the Town of LaGrange

  • District 4: All of the Town of LaGrange, extending west into Clay Township from the Bloomfield Township, and Town Line Road of LaGrange to County Road 250 West as said road bisects said Township from north to south.

  • District 5: All of Johnson Township, including all residing within the corporate limits of the Town of Wolcottville, Indiana.